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TRXio for growth


Modernize, and 

Minimize to Maximize Growth!

Resource management tools for effective growth

Learn your businesses workflow processes from your inventory's point of view.  See how you can improve process with every item tracked.

Inventory locations in TRXio

Idle inventory costs you money. Increase your turns with better inventory intelligence. Put your money back to work by allowing TRXio to ensure you have the right inventory, in the right places, at the right time. With our item level traceability platform, you can easily manage loss before it happens. Don’t just work to survive in business, thrive with TRXio to give your organization all of the advantages possible.

  • Print product labels 

  • Track by serial number or UDID

  • Create digital twin of products

Move with a Scan

Scan to TRXio
Receive inventory
  • Internal location assignment

  • Workflow process milestones

  • See Product at Location 

Order 1 and 2 logistics with TRXio

Items on Orders

  • Reserve Items for Clients 

  • Track serial numbers on each order

  • Create picklists and work orders

TRXio Master carton

Organize Orders by Project

  • Organize Orders by Phase

  • View Overall Job Progress

  • Kitting  functionality 

  • Multi-level Bill of Materials (BOM)  workflows available

TRXio projects

"This last year we internally consumed over $225,000 of products in our department, We would not have been able to see this usage without TRXio. The platform has offered us a deeper level of reporting that has proven to be extremely beneficial for budgeting and resource allocation."

- Doug S.

Hospital equipment and

parts operations manager

Fast Audits

TRXio Audits
  • Blind and Managed Audits

  • Lost Items Marked Automatically 

  • User and Time Stamped Logging


Time means everything with inventory
  • Daily movement reporting

  • Product at Customer

  • Inventory by Location 

  • + Much More...

TRXio inventory Audit snip.JPG
vista box one.PNG
Inventory at location reporting
TRXio Item details snip
TRXio controller

Detailed Item History at a Glance

  • Organize Orders by Phase

  • View Overall Job Progress 

  • Passively Recover Lost Items

Configurations and Integrations

  • Custom configurations

  • Special business rule management

  • Integrations using our API or pre-built modules

Integration with TRXio
Item location reporting in TRXio
Helping Hand
As humans, We don't learn from experience alone.

We learn from the reflection on experience. Adding unbiased data adds a reference point for each experience which makes the reflection more valuable.

How often do you have to go out of your way to make a software platform or other product match "Your way" to make your organization better?  

Many software applications force you into workflows built in a vacuum but call them "best practices".  These assumptions require your team to learn a "practice" that may be best for someone but most likely don't match your goals and really become what hold your organization down, not raise it up!


TRXio offers tools to discover operational trends, see current inventory status and movement analytics, but also highlights areas for improvement with reflections in reporting that your accounting platform simply cannot offer.

TRXio, is business process enlightenment.

all points in TRXio
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