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TRXio is a cloud-based, simple-to-use, comprehensive inventory management solution, designed to organize inventory, create consistency and minimize costs


A license defined as an organization or business entity that desires the ability to organize, separate and otherwise monitor people, inventory or assets within a geographic or business use case. 

Reporting, custom workflows and viewable inventory access is limited by the license defined by the organization.  Most organizations elect to utilize multiple licenses to match their business organizational needs.

Here is a real world example - A Manufacturer utilizes a single license to track all assets being held. (eg. tools, desks, computers, vehicles and major machinery). These assets may be spread across multiple geographic locations.  Anyone with approved credentials to this asset license can see all assets tracked within.


To keep it simple, at one geographic location this manufacturer has two divisions; a raw materials division and a finished goods division, both need to know what inventory is needed for their respective user case.

One divisional license is used to convert the raw materials into finished goods. Based on a defined business rule that includes a QC check.  The inventory is then allowed to be scanned into the second divisional license where finished good quantities can be viewed and reserved by sales and customer service for internal order management and fulfillment.

In this example users in the finished goods division does not have visualization into raw material stock. The inverse is also true where manufacturing only users cannot see what finished goods might be available.  This inventory management best practice keeps users from making assumptions on what other divisions have or don't have.


In this configuration; administration users can see either separated or combined organizational views of what both divisions have in custody with many customizable reporting options. Combined reporting licenses can also be layered to offer a wider view of an organization by division, brand, or area.

Each individual user can be assigned to one or multiple licenses all with unique access to workflows and reporting. Report layering offers a customizable user experience that keeps users focused on their management level while offering a wide array of reporting tools to ensure organizational alignment with goals and KPI's.


We can work with location licensing in many ways.

From a single user up to Enterprise teams and whole organizations too.  



We need to get some additional information before we can offer a "price".  Not listing pricing here is not about withholding information,  It is about assigning the appropriate amount of resources to solve the problems you are looking for a solution to.  


Do you think we are hiding something because we don't have pricing shown? Think about it like this...


 When was the last time you went to the doctors office with flu-like symptoms...


Did you immediately ask how much it was going to cost for a 4 day stay in the hospital to treat pneumonia? 


Not likely.  


Let's talk briefly to simply ensure we are a good fit. 


If we ensure our solution will match your needs,  it will be time well spent. 


If not, we promise get you off the phone as soon as possible. 


This style of communications has proven to save us both considerable time and effort (we can back it up with data that it's true). 


Give us 10 minutes of your time. Then we can both know how to move forward.

Every Subscription Includes Support!

  • Two (2) post launch review sessions included (live phone and screen share support).(1)

  • Additional 1-on-1 training and technical support available (purchase required).

  • FREE platform updates with regular roll-out schedule (purchase required for custom requests).

  • FREE online technical & trouble ticket support through platform account (web chat only).

  • FREE access to a variety of common task “How To Videos and Tutorials”.

  • FREE access to the platform’s knowledge based learning and support library.

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