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TRXio is a cloud-based, simple-to-use, comprehensive inventory management solution, designed to organize inventory, create consistency and minimize costs

All software needs a connection to the real world. 

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  • At Cairnstack Software, we recommend a Windows based or Linux PC or non-Apple* OS hardware to provide the most stable user experience. How to check your computer specs?
    *Apple OS devices not running the native TRXio application are not supported for use.  This is an unfortunate limitation by the CUPS printing drivers on iOS devices limiting the usability of most commercial/industrial label-on-roll printers on iOS devices.  It is possible, but requires considerable IT involvement to setup and maintain the printer drivers necessary for printing label-on-roll stock.  Cairnstack Software cannot support printing labels from iOS devices at this time. 

    Each workstation used for printing or scanning items should have a minimum of 8 GB of RAM, 12GB or more is preferred if this workstation is used for other functions that also require heavy RAM usage.


Browsers Supported:

Google Chrome browser - It's Free! :
Why google Chrome?  Chrome has offered the most stable and predictable printing engine from all of the browsers over the last 10 years.  Sure, you can use Safari or Microsoft Edge (a.k.a, Microsoft Internet Explorer) however there are pages that will have reduced functionality or printing simply shows as a blank page.  Best option is to install Google Chrome, then set Chrome as your default browser. You will be happier in the long run.  

Label printer

When looking for a label printer, we have found that the most cost-effective label printer is a direct thermal or thermal transfer type that can print at least 4-inch-wide label stock and at least 203 dpi. Many popular desktop models can manage around 700 labels per roll, while industrial models can fit about 3,000 labels. 

The physical size of the device is also something to take into consideration. Larger printers tend to be more expensive initially, but they can also handle larger rolls of labels, making them a worthwhile investment over time. Larger printers also tend to have metal cases and are more durable.

Other label printer brands include Intermec, Zebra and Dymo. Do note that Dymo printers require a specialized label stock and the stock is not transferable to other printer brands.

The Godex DT4x is our recommended device and best seller in many industries. It is a simpler, direct thermal desktop printer that can print at 203 dpi at a rate of about 2.25 labels per second. It is $495.00 plus shipping. Label stock is sold separately

4 rolls of 781DT labels.jpg
TRXio 1_1 label sample.PNG
TRXio 3 15 label sample.PNG

Blank Label stock:

  • Label stock recommended is a 4" wide by 2" tall paper based label with an adhesive back on rolls. (External link to 4” x 2” direct thermal labels)  Other common label sizes such as 3.5" x 1.5" are also considered a standard. (External link to view the  3” x 1.5” direct thermal stock). 

  • Why a 4" by 2" label?  This is the common sized agreed upon for the produce and food cold-chain industries meaning they are mass produced and often sell for less per label as smaller label stock sizes.  (keep in mind TRXio can be configured to use any size custom label size.  Contact us for more information.)

  • We offer label stock as a courtesy to offer a one-stop shop to get started with TRXio or there are many online resources whom sell label stock.  We have found and used: or for sourcing with reasonable lead times and quality stock.

Handheld barcode, QR imager or RFID reader:

1D barcode readers or 2D code imagers are best used in the field to speed up product entry, movement and auditing.  Use case can vary the cost and complexity of the hardware. 

TRXio will work with any off-the-shelf barcode/QR scanner/RFID reader that acts as a "keyboard wedge"  (that's a technical term for a device that scans, then sends the data to the computer with a carriage return.) 


We have tested scanners from a low as $40 for a wired device to a $2500 automated, high speed conveyor based imager head with similar positive results. The scanner you choose should be chosen to match your use environment.   We have found that scanners starting in the $200-$800 range for wireless 2D scanners has shown consistent and reliable useability. 


Pre-printed label options:

Pre-printed labels are a great option for use cases where printing on site is either unreliable or the use environment requires a more durable material.

Labels that are pre-printed can be assigned to individual and bulk items at any time.  Even if there is already a printed label already assigned.  When TRXio receives a scan of an item that has more than one LiveQR code attached it acts just as you were scanning the initially market item.  

Pre-printed "Scan QR for info" labels are available and in stock in the 2" wide by .75" tall label in rolls of 500.  Stocked labels are UV and chemical resistant, laminated material with an aggressive adhesive for permanent applications.

Labels have been tested in extreme outdoor applications with direct sunlight for years on end without fading as well as on medical devices that are subject to chemical baths and low temp sterilization processes. 

Want your logo added to the label or have a special use case you would like to have ID tags for items? or even integrate RFID or previously printed asset tag labels.    Let us know.  We have resources available to design, and source item identifiers that meet your needs or existing hardware.

Fixed location hardware:


The Waypoint is an IoT device that works with the TRXio platform to speed the transfer of items in and out of your inventory from a consistent location.

Placed anywhere at your location, Waypoint is designed to free up workstations in warehouses and vehicles by offering a simple way to move products between internal locations or directly to customers with a simple scan.

Its so easy, Plug in the Waypoint, assign a wireless access point and select a default location. No more COW's (Computer on Wheels) on the ware house floor.

Whether you’re moving an item from one shelf to another or picking items for an order, the Waypoint simplifies item movement.

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