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Cairnstack Software

Creating Inventory Certainty

We started Cairnstack based on an obsession with automating processes and
tracking inventory. Today, our clients manage and track over $27 billion in assets
and inventory using our software.

Clients come from multiple industries with varying inventory and tracking needs.
From the start-ups to the mega enterprises and everyone in between. When you
need to get more certain about your inventory, we're here to help.

About The Cairnstack Name

Cairnstack comes from the word "cairn," which means "a stack of stones." 


For thousands of years, cairns have been constructed to help hikers follow a trail, indicating a point of interest, something to be cautious of. If you ever hike in a national park, you'll see cairns for sure.

At Cairnstack, we see ourselves as helpful guides that create a digital twin of your product’s life cycle while augmenting your organization’s reporting to see farther down the path ahead.


What to Expect:

We know that when you have a problem, the last thing you want is to wrestle with a user manual or be pointed to a 60 minute video or a useless user forum.

As our client, we believe you have the right to…


  1. Throw Out the User-Manual | Well designed software is intuitive software. If you (or your employees) know how to use a mobile phone, you can easily use our software without ever needing to consult the user manual.

  2. Be Treated Fairly | Sure, many software companies can get greedy. In our case, we'll tell you what things really cost versus asking you, "what's your budget?"

  3. Be Heard | We're into continuous improvement …it's the only way for us to make our software better. So, that means we're always listening for your feedback— the good and the bad.

  4. Talk to a Human | When you need support, you expect a timely answer or resolution to your challenge. That's why you'll always talk to a live human; either by online chat or by phone. 

  5. Accurate Information | In uncertain times, you need to have certainty about where your tracked assets are at all times. Good or bad sometimes the most difficult part about business is making choices with less than certain information.  We are here to give you more actual data to make an informed decision.

  6. Visibility into All of Your Options | When it comes to making decisions about your inventory management system, we'll help you understand your ALL of options— not a filtered list to choose from. 

We track what you eat, what you buy and what happens after you pass away.  

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