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  • Reid Hanson

Cracking Down on Counterfeiting through Traceability

Distributing fake, expired, or defective products can be detrimental to a company’s reputation and credibility. Counterfeiting hits basically every industry and costs brand owners millions every year. To keep brand promise and quality standards, it is essential for companies to continue to strengthen their anti-counterfeiting practices.

Many manufacturers are beginning to implement anti-counterfeiting practices to increase their supply chain visibility through traceability technology. There are many ways to prevent counterfeiting through track-and-trace technology, including websites, unique identification using bar or QR codes, and even on some high value products adding RFID tags. At a minimum brands have started to add unique identification codes in order to identify products at the item level, rather than at the batch level. By assigning a unique identifier to an individual item, companies are able to connect product information exchanged between sellers to the physical products and the flow through their supply chains.

TRXio can help crack down on counterfeiting by simplifying supply chain visibility with unique, item-level traceability through the entire lifecycle of a product. TRXio offers the ability to track a product every product, every step along the way – from when you receive it into custody from the manufacturer or vendor to the moment it leaves your stock and is delivered to a end-user or work site. TRXio extends the traceability to bridge breaks in the supply chain, and can offer tracking abilities even after products useful life to ensure it is removed from service. See a comprehensive item history for each item tracked ensures your brand is providing the best experience to your customers, before, during and after the sale.

Want to learn about how a simple QR code can stop counterfeiting? Click here to see for yourself.

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