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Learn more about TRXio labeling features

Easily Add Inventory

Adding inventory is a snap because users can scan the products UPC code and in most cases the product brand, model and packaging is already in our massive product information database.  Simply scan the UPC, choose the best match and print as many unique product labels as products you are receiving.

TRXio labeling

TRXio labeling

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Group Items into a Virtual or Physical Pallet

It is one thing to receive pallets of products it is another thing to move them internally or assign to a customer one at at time.  With Master Cartons, users can group products and print a label for that group. Then when the group is ready to be moved,  scanning the Master carton label moves the entire group to the new location at one time.  


Kitting Items Explained

Sometimes, it is necessary to pre-assemble products into groups that will not be removed from that group but it is important to remove from bulk quantities to make these kits.   

That's how easy it is to label, how about moving an item?

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