TRXio | Inventory & Asset Management Software
TRXio offers a state-of-the-art inventory management & asset tracking solution. Learn more about the benefits of TRXio or request a demo.
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Name a business goal and TRXio will help you achieve it. If your focus is growth, TRXio will help you scale. If you want to reduce risk, TRXio will be your safeguard. We can track business assets for just about any business in any industry. TRXio is implemented everywhere from Consumer Electronics to Durable Medical Equipment Supply. Most companies need inventory and asset tracking, so we’ve developed a platform that accommodates asset management challenges that fit your individual business and workflows. Our technology adapts to your needs. Learn more about the industries we have worked with.

QR code inventory management

With TRXio, a single label on an asset changes everything. The label is a gateway to a digital archive filled with rich product and historical information that is accessible on the fly. Employees with various levels of technical ability can run at 100% without delay and can access product information whenever they need it. With that same simple label, inventory management, company marketing and even product cross promotion is easy to manage and a powerful tool for your end users to learn more about your products and services.  See how a simple label can change your business.

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Upgrading your inventory management process with TRXio is like going from Fred Flinstone to George Jetson. The benefits often sound too good to be true, but if you have any doubts, we’d like to address them head on. We’ve put together videos that demonstrate our next generation inventory and asset platform and tackled the big questions we hear most often from curious people like you. Read our FAQ’s.

TRXio Features


We work well with others. Trxio integrates with your existing software platforms. Our cloud-based business inventory software is compatible with more than 300 software platforms including QuickBooks, Salesforce, WordPress and more.

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Labeling and Identification

Our LiveQR code is the industry's newest, state-of-the-art innovation in inventory software. One label gives you detailed information never before possible, including who handled the box along the supply chain, tracks kitting, geo locations and more.

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Post Sale Marketing

Built in to our system is a ready to use, state of the art method that makes retention marketing simple. With just a swipe, supplies can be re-ordered and replenished on demand.

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Data Item Movement

Trxio helps you tie all your complex business data together so you can make better, more profitable decisions using our built-in multi-platform tracking. Our cloud-based inventory management software works on any device.

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Orders/Change orders

We've created one of the easiest asset tracking solutions to let your employees update orders on the fly using just one data point, resulting in fewer manual errors.

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Flexibility is the key to customization and our Project-based inventory reports allow you to sort, segment and read your inventory data in infinitely customizable ways to fit your needs.

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Cycle Counting

Never again shut down your business to do inventory control management. With TRXio, what used to take a full staff an entire day can now be done with just one person in one day.

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Genesis Audio Customer Success Story

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