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  • Reid Hanson

TRXio’s “Inventory Vista” Provides Snapshot of Data

“I don’t need to know everything; I just need to know where to find it, when I need it. “ -Albert Einstein

We built TRXio with this quote in mind, since our inventory management system allows users to locate their inventory items at all times. TRXio’s “Inventory Vista,” displays visual representations of various parts of data entered into TRXio, offering a snapshot of data on open projects and orders, updates to TRXio, and more. The Vista allows provides a complete, real-time view of the status of inventory, order status, user effectiveness, revenue, project status, etc., which will help you maximize productivity and boost profitability. 

The Inventory Vista has various modules available to serve different purposes:

  • Inventory Status – Consists of four different totals on various inventory costs.

  • Total Inventory Cost – Covers all internal inventory, including reserved and lost items.

  • Total Lost Inventory – Cost includes only items that have been marked as “Lost.”

  • Total Reserved Inventory – Cost includes items set aside and reserved for an order.

  • Total Stock Inventory – Cost includes available inventory in stock, excluding lost and reserved items.

Here are a few other reports in TRXio’s Inventory Vista:

  • Project Status – Displays progress bars representing how many items have been ordered, reserved, and filled out for overall projects.

  • Order Status – Displays four different statistics concerning orders, including a pie chart displays the total open orders, open orders from the current week, and open orders from the current day. Hovering over each section of the pie chart will provide exact numbers.

  • Total Sale Price on Orders  – Provides the total for the sale price on all orders.

  • Revenue by User, Revenue by Location, and Revenue by Family – Displays the top five sources of revenue from TRXio users, locations (both internal and external), and product families respectively

  • Average Days Open – Calculate the average amount of time (in days) that orders are left open.

  • User Effectiveness – Displays a bar graph showing the number of orders assigned to each user, along with a section on each bar to visualize how many of their assigned orders each user has begun to fill.

  • Change Orders % – Displays the percentage of products that are scanned and transferred out to customers on change orders, rather than being part of the original order.

  • Sellable Inventory by Location – Displays the four Internal Locations or Internal Vehicles with inventory in stock that has the largest cost. Alongside each cost is an indication of how many products at each location are set aside and reserved for orders.

  • TRXio Announcements – A noticeboard where Cairnstack Software posts notifications concerning various updates and improvements to TRXio.

TRXio’s Inventory Vista also displays metrics such as “Number of Orders Filled/Number of Orders Assigned,” which are designed to promote employee accountability

Each module of the Vista can be hidden (except for the TRXio Announcements), so you can ensure that only the information you want is shown. For more information on TRXio’s “Inventory Vista,” or regarding managing your inventory, please contact us at 844-868-7225.


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