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  • Reid Hanson

How Does Better Inventory Management Create Happier Customers?

When you have control over your inventory, you will have happier customers

Companies are constantly looking for ways to improve their customer service. However, many overlook a key aspect of achieving this: inventory management.

It is challenging to balance inventory management with customer satisfaction since excess inventory diverts cash away from other priorities while carrying too little inventory could possibly put customer satisfaction at risk. It is essential to find the correct formula to optimize your inventory management while creating happier customers. Consider using an inventory management system to help you achieve this since fewer than half of all businesses use an inventory management solution to track their inventory and assets. Here are a few ways inventory management can create happier customers:

  1. Improve Order Fulfillment – It’s likely that your customers, especially your B2B customers, are trying to meet their own customers’ demands and requirements. This means that they are depending on you to provide accurate and quick order fulfillment. To accomplish this, employees need to quickly locate the correct items. An efficient inventory management  system will improve your order fulfillment by allowing you to track your inventory and fill orders and accurately through numerous tools, including real-time reporting, scanners, labels, purchase orders, etc.

  2. Reduce Lead Times – It is essential to minimize your company’s lead times since customers will prefer companies can fulfill their orders quickly. Inventory management software will reduce lead times since it helps determine when stock levels are low and when it is time to reorder.

  3. Enhance Inventory Visibility – Traceability provides inventory visibility, which is key to a happy customer since it allows them to view the entire purchasing cycle – from start to finish, which provides a trail of accountability.

  4. Manage Product Recalls – In the event of a product recall, it is critical to react quickly in retaining to preserve customers and your brand’s image. Inventory management software, especially with traceability, helps you act quickly in the event of a recall, since you can easily pinpoint the issue causing the recall and locate item-level information needed to retrieve defective parts and easily investigate customer complaints to minimize the impact of a recall

  5. Improve Inventory Forecasting – An efficient inventory management system will help you create more accurate inventory demand forecasting, including providing visibility into your seasonal merchandise. This enables you to meet consumer demand and prevent under-stocking.


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