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  • Reid Hanson

Spend less time on calls and paperwork in your Mortuary Transport business and make more money.

Time equals money. It's an old cliché that we have all heard but how much do you apply it in your transport business? Have you figured out how much time is worth to your business?

For most transport organizations, the major costs are people, then processes, followed by general communications, then vehicles, fuel and so on. Removal Techs are always going to be needed. Your communications and “how” you conduct your business are a result of processes and people who manage the processes. Systems are going to be what sets your organization apart from your competitors. But where businesses lose most of their money is in time management.

For example, paperwork is a thief of productivity. In this age of technology, employees in the workforce are more accustomed to having the internet at their disposal. They are more used to working on phones, tablets, and on computers than they are on paper. This means the way of paper based workflows is costing you time and money. Capitalize on their ability to use technology to make your business more competitive and profitable. How much time does it take your removal techs to complete paperwork out in the field? One way to get an idea of this time cost is to consider how many times your technicians have to write a decedent's name and information on forms per case? While it is a little task, the amount of time it takes adds up. That time could be spent elsewhere in your business.

Another area where time is lost is checking on the status of cases. How often do your funeral home and mortuary clients make phone calls to check case status when one Funeral Home Portal view would be faster for both of you? Sure, there's something to be said for spending a little extra time building rapport with your clients, but phone calls often stretch out into 10, 20, 30 minutes when logging into the Funeral Home Portal would have done the same job in less time. Remember, your clients are busy, too. They may appreciate the efficiency of a consistent place to view status instead of taking time to make a phone call.

MorTrack’s platform decreases the time spent in your business on paperwork and making phone calls for status updates. With the Funeral Home Portal, your client’s have the ability to login and check the status of the case in real time. Funeral homes can also enter new requests directly in the portal alerting removal team to start the chain of custody. They can even add documents and notes for your removal tech team, saving your employees time. When team members are on location, they will spend less time collecting signatures with MorTrack’s auto-populating forms.

In business, time equals money. MorTrack’s mortuary case management platform uses technology to reclaim lost time which makes your company more money. Make more money by spending less time making phones calls and filling out paperwork.

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