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TRXio gives you the ability to sort, segment and read your inventory asset data in a way that makes sense for your business. Learn more or request a demo.
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Projects and Inventory Reports

Projects and Inventory Reports

One of the challenges when using most inventory management software solutions is its inability to deliver the nuanced data needed to make great decisions. Each company has a unique workflow, business structure, industry, vocabulary, and sometimes radically different needs. TRXio’s project-based capability creates inventory reports that allow for infinite ways to sort, segment and read your inventory asset data.


TRXio gives you the ability to configure the software to match your workflow and project management structure. You can organize your projects by phase, location, and assigned users, and even generate visual mappings of the total scope of each project. You’ll be able to manage projects without having to be in constant contact with your technicians while they’re busy in the field. You’ll see real-time status updates and understand the flow of the project so you can be in control of your resources—all the time.


We know a manufacturer would configure TRXio very differently than a construction company would. With TRXio you can easily set-up each project yourself – all without knowing a thing about coding or programming. Or, if you need a hand, we can help you customize the software to meet your businesses unique needs. We are committed to helping your business succeed.


Infinitely flexible so you can easily configure TRXio to fit your unique business needs

We can help you fully customize the software to meet your unique needs

Run inventory reports and gather data in the way you need to view them using your vocabulary

Real-time status updates and project work flow reporting


Creates levels and sublevels

No restrictions on number of categories

Generates visual mappings of the total scope of each project

View our Projects video, then contact us at 1-844-TO-TRACK (1-844-868-7225) to set up your inventory software demo today to see for yourself what inventory management software was meant to do and why we say TRXio is Inventory Enlightenment.
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