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Medical equipment suppliers can lessen the down time of rentals and increase billable items per customer with TRXio's HME/DME Software. Learn more here!
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HME/DME Cloud Software & Inventory Management


Streamline HME/DME Inventory Operations

Medical equipment suppliers can lessen the down time of rental products and increase the billable item per customer with TRXio:

  • Owners and Purchasing Managers – View high level dashboard of product flow and access real-time reports to cross reference inventory levels with accounting all while ensuring compliance.
  • Accounting – Report inventory values while keeping inventory workflows separate. Track just about anything, such as rentals and consumables for cleaner billing.
  • Warehouse Managers and Employees – Scan products for inventory verification counts and tracking, generate work orders to transfer product. Generate intelligent pull lists and easily view real-time inventory levels.
  • Patient Care Coordinators and Clinicians – Go paperless and improve accuracy. Scan a work order to see progress or change and update the order. Add notes and collect signatures to close the loop on cleaner billing.

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You don’t have to keep doing business as usual. TRXio’s inventory management streamlines all of your operations so you can be ahead of the game. With less time spent on inventory management, you have more time to work on the customer experience. Schedule a call with us!



  • Simple to Use, Implement and Integrate – TRXio makes inventory easier at every step, from our best in class ongoing, personalized customer support to onboarding to excellent training materials in both written and video form. Implementations are often just two weeks!
  • Reduce Your Shrinkage and Loss of Assets – There’s a chance that up to 20% of the inventory leaving your warehouse is being misplaced, lost or even given away, TRXio’s Traceability and Item Movement Detail keeps you in the “know of where to go” to find your inventory.
  • Add Value to your existing systems – TRXio maintains workflow focus on always improving your overall ROI. With our dedicated infrastructure, we take on the management of servers and there is no additional software management costs for storing your compliant data. We work with you as partners in helping you succeed.
  • Paperless and Efficient Cloud Based Solutions – “Scan and Go” technology reduces your labor costs and greatly improves your accuracy. Whether in the warehouse or in the field, our secure, cloud-based software with mobile application gives you updated information immediately whenever users are connected.
  • HIPAA/FDA Compliance – As a BA (business associate), we ensure that all the required physical, network, and process security measures are in place and followed through our secure ePHI that serves as a HIPAA compliant host through our cloud based server. FDA Compliant Inventory Recording and Traceability for lot number and expiration dates for CMG guidelines is covered with our UDI (unique device identification) labeling capabilities and clearly defining staging locations for cleaning and storing.

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  • Labeling and Identification – Always know where your product is and who’s handled it anywhere in the supply chain.
  • Reporting –  Real-time business analytics provide the data you need to make the best business decisions for short & long term planning, loss prevention and profit maximization.
  • Post Sale/Rental Marketing – A unique QR code is generated for each product and allows you to setup custom landing pages for customers so they order supplies and schedule services on demand through a website.
  • Data Item Movement – TRXio is the missing link that ties all your business data together.
  • Cycle Counting – Don’t shut down your business to do inventory control management. With TRXio, one person can do it in less than a day.